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Scotland Cereal Production 6.9% Lower Than Estimate

Date Posted: December 28, 2011

Scotland's Chief Statistician published Dec. 22 the Final Estimate of the Cereal and Oilseed Rape Harvest 2011.

This publication updates the provisional harvest estimates published in October and provides commentary and graphics on the latest annual changes and trends over the past 20 years.

The final estimate of cereal production for the 2011 harvest is 211,000 tonnes (6.9 per cent) lower than the provisional estimate published on 13 October 2011.

This is due to lower yields for all crops reported in the Cereal Production Survey compared with the initial results, which were based on estimates collated by organisations within the cereals sector.

These final estimates indicate that, compared with the 2010 harvest:

• Cereal production increased by 135,000 tonnes or 4.9 per cent to 2.856 million tonnes. Areas increased by 21,000 hectares or 4.9 per cent while average yields remained unchanged at 6.4 tonnes per hectare.

• Total barley production increased by 133,000 tonnes or 8.0 per cent to 1.798 million tonnes. This includes an increase in spring barley production of 147,000 tonnes (11.1 per cent), caused by an increase in area of 21,000 hectares or 8.5 per cent alongside a 2.4 per cent increase in yields. Winter barley production decreased by 14,000 tonnes, due to a 5.3. per cent decrease in area.

• Wheat production increased by 15,000 tonnes or 1.6 per cent to 933,000 tonnes. Areas increased by 4,000 hectares or 3.6 per cent while average yields decreased by 1.9 per cent to 8.1 tonnes per hectare.

• The production of oats decreased by 13,000 tonnes or 9.7 per cent to 122,000 tonnes. This decrease was due to both a 5.6 per cent decrease in area and a 4.4 per cent decrease in yield.

• Oilseed rape production increased by 28,000 tonnes or 23.1 per cent to 150,000 tonnes. This increase was caused by an increase in area of 6.6 per cent and an increase in yields of 15.4 per cent.