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IAOM Releases Unit Seven of Correspondence Course in Flour Milling

Date Posted: January 10, 2012

IAOM’s Education Committee is pleased to announce that Unit 7 - Plant Management, is complete and can be ordered through the IAOM Online Store.

Lessons include topics such as personnel management, production planning, traffic department functions, food safety, plant safety, sanitation, and experimental milling.

All units may be purchased individually or as a set (Units 1-7) at the discounted rate.

Unit 8 should be available in April.

IAOM members and other industry veterans have worked hard to completely revise the correspondence course with information geared toward today’s miller.

The IAOM Correspondence Course is used by milling professionals around the world to broaden their knowledge of the technology and management of grain milling.

Milling companies have turned to the course over the years to better equip all employees within the plant, from administration to quality control and sales.

Tests are provided at the end of each lesson in a Unit.

Tests may be taken online or by hard copy.

The IAOM will issue a certificate of successful completion once all tests for a unit are passed.

A diploma will be issued to students who successfully complete all eight Units.

Currently the course is offered only in English, but preparations are under way to translate the course into Arabic and Spanish.

Other languages may follow.

A complete Table of Contents is found below.

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Unit 1-Introduction to Milling and Wheat

1.1 Milling History

1.2 Wheat Production and Composition

1.3 Wheat Quality Evaluation

1.4 Wheat Marketing

1.5 Wheat Storage and Handling

1.6 Wheat Selection and Blending

1.7 Understanding Flow Sheets

Unit 2-Wheat Cleaning

2.1 Wheat Cleaning Objectives

2.2 Grain Handling

2.3 Principles of Cleaning Machinery Operation

2.4 Wheat Conditioning

2.5 Cleaning System Control

Unit 3-Wheat Flour Milling

3.1 Principles of the Gradual Reduction Process

3.2 Roller Mills

3.3 Sifters and Sieves

3.4 The Break System

3.5 The Purification System

3.6 The Sizings System

3.7 The Midds Reduction System

3.8 The Tailings and Low Grade Systems

3.9 Mill Balance and Control

Unit 4-Milling other Classes of Wheat, Non-Flour Wheat Products, Flour and Milled Grain Product Additives

4.1 Soft Wheat Milling

4.2 Spring Wheat Milling

4.3 Durum Milling

4.4 Flour and Semolina Quality Measurements

4.5 Specialty Wheat Products

4.6 Flour and Milled Grain Product Additives

Unit 5-Milling Other Grains

5.1 Oat Milling

5.2 Rye Milling

5.3 Corn Milling

5.4 Rice Milling

Unit 6-Storage, Handling, Packaging and Use of Grain Based Products

6.1 Bulk Flour Storage

6.2 Flour Packaging Systems

6.3 Transportation of Grain-Based Products

6.4 Bakery Processes

6.5 Pasta Production

6.6 Cereal Production

Unit 7-Plant Management

7.1 Mill Organization Structure and Function

7.2 Personnel Management

7.3 Production Planning and Control

7.4 Accounting for Flour Mill Operations

7.5 Traffic Department Functions

7.6 Flour Mill Sanitation

7.7 Food Safety and HACCP

7.8 Plant Safety

7.9 Experimental Milling

Unit 8-An Introduction to Mill Mechanics

8.1 Introduction to Basic Mathematics

8.2 Basic Mill Engineering

8.3 Air Usage in Flour Milling

8.4 Mechanical Drives and Power Transmissions

8.5 Principles of Mechanical Conveying

8.6 Machine Operation and Evaluation

The course consists of eight (8) units.

There is no set time to complete a unit or the Course; students take the Course at their own pace.

The Units must be completed in numerical order.

Testing options include online or hard copy – please indicate your preference when ordering the Unit(s).

Cost Per Unit: $250 USD (+shipping) Members

$325 USD (+shipping) Non-Members

Cost Per Set: $1,575.00 USD (+shipping) Members

$2,047.50 USD (+shipping) Non-Members

Once all units are available for sale a discount will be given for complete-set purchases.

For more information, call 913-338-3377.

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