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IAOM Conference Program Features Pathogens, Substance Abuse Management, Pest Management, and PNW Wheat

Date Posted: April 12, 2012

Randy Suess, U.S. Wheat Associates chairman, will deliver the keynote address on May 9 at the 116th Annual IAOM Conference & Expo in Spokane, Wash.

His presentation, entitled Pacific Northwest Wheat: From Field to Dinner Table, will focus on his annual cropping area — in a region known for its steep hills and highly productive farmland, as well as the broader themes of transportation, marketing and exporting wheat.

Other topics to be addressed during the two days of educational sessions include alternatives to managing substance abuse in the workplace, ensuring pathogens don't get the run of the mill, and a NAMA update on methyl bromide.

The educational programming will be divided into four tracks focusing on employee management, facilities management, technical operations and product protection.

There will be a presentation discussing a recent expansion project at Star of the West Milling Company, as well as several half-hour presentations on safety-related issues in the mill.

For more information and a detailed look at the educational programming, please visit the IAOM Conference central website.

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