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All Eight Units of IAOM Correspondence Course in Flour Milling Now Available

Date Posted: June 13, 2012

The final unit of the IAOM Correspondence Course in Flour Milling is now available, as the multi-year project to revamp the industry-respected educational lessons reaches its end.

"The completion of the Correspondence Course finalizes one of the organization's top priorities," stated IAOM President Aaron Black.

"Not only have we completed the course, but because of the hard work of our volunteers, the IAOM now has an up-to-date educational offering of the highest caliber."

Developed and reviewed by more than 100 industry experts, the Correspondence Course in Flour Milling is comprised of eight units encompassing the following aspects of milling:

• Unit 1 - Introduction to Milling and Wheat

• Unit 2 - Wheat Cleaning

• Unit 3 - Wheat Flour Milling

• Unit 4 - Milling other Classes of Wheat, Non-Flour Wheat Products, Flour and Milled Grain Product Additives

• Unit 5 - Milling Other Grains

• Unit 6 - Storage, Handling, Packaging and Use of Grain Based Products

• Unit 7 - Plant Management

• Unit 8 - An Introduction to Mill Mechanics

Each unit is divided into lessons, with a testing component at the conclusion of each lesson.

The testing option is available online or by hard copy.

A certificate is issued upon the successful completion of each unit, with a diploma issued to the student upon the successful completion of all eight units.

Units may be purchased as a complete set or separately through the Online Store on the IAOM website.

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