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International Grains Program and CANIMOLT Flour Milling Short Course Teaches Mexico Millers About U.S. Milling Industry

Date Posted: June 27, 2012

Manhattan, KS—Millers from across Mexico traveled to the International Grains Program to learn about milling in the U.S. during the Flour Milling short course, “Level 3 CANIMOLT IGP-KSU”.

Sixteen participants attended the course from June 17 - June 23, 2012.

The course featured Ralph Linnemann, flour milling expert with the Buhler training center in Uzwil, Switzerland, and Mark Fowler, associate director at IGP and milling instructor.

Their expertise was appreciated by the participants and one, in particular, was José Antonio Bravo.

He enjoyed the experimental laboratories and liked how there were professionals that shared their knowledge about each of their specialty areas.

Bravo says he wants to fill his purpose, which is to satisfy the client and learn about better ways to do that.

Through the laboratories, formal presentations and workshops, Bravo says, he has learned better understanding of how to become more efficient without effecting the quality and characteristics of the flour.

“I came to learn and get updated with information about the milling industry, the processes itself and tendencies that will eventually help my knowledge once I get back,” Bravo says.

The five-day course also included field trips to a farm to see the wheat harvest, a grain elevator, the Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) and the Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBOT).

The field trips provided the participants the opportunity to see the wheat harvested and the steps from the field to the mill.

Being able to come to IGP and learn about a variety of opportunities within grain science sparked an interest for Lissette Rodríguez Comparán, CANIMOLT.

“There are courses for bakery here and that interests me because in Mexico we plan to make a school in bakery,” Comparán says. “I am able to take back some ideas.”

The beginning of IGP and CANIMOLT’s relationship is important Comparán says, because it helps form a complete picture of flour milling from the wheat harvest to the flour products.

This course and the connection with IGP helps further strengthen all parts of the industry.

“The contact goes back to when the CANIMOLT director visited IGP, after the visit he wanted to bring a group to learn about the complete process of wheat and flour milling,” Fowler says.

“They wanted to see the wheat harvest, visit the KCBOT and learn about the export system of milling.”

This is one example of the partnership trainings offered by IGP.

In addition to the flour milling and grain processing curriculum, IGP faculty also lead courses in the grain marketing and risk management, and feed manufacturing and grain management.

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