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Grain Harvest Begins in Ukraine

Date Posted: June 28, 2012

13 southern and central regions of Ukraine have started the harvesting of early grain crops.

This was announced by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov during a session of the Cabinet of Ministers.

"Today, the harvesting of early grain crops has begun in the 13 southern and central regions of Ukraine.

It has been cut nearly half a million hectares of crops; harvested 805,000 tons of grain, including barley – 387 thousand tons, wheat - 383 thousand tons, peas – 36 thousand tons"- said the Prime Minister, noting that this is a good start and the agrarians should not lose the pace and quality.

According to him, stage of early grain crops mostly good and satisfactory in the northern and western regions and we expected yield at the level of last year in many areas of grain.

Stage in the south and east is somewhat worse – there are losses of crops from very severe frosts at the beginning of the year.

"But farmers declare that the harvest will be good", - Mykola Azarov said.

The Prime Minister said that due to the heat grain ripened in two weeks earlier than in previous years, so the harvest started earlier.

However, agricultural experts give quite optimistic forecasts for harvest in 2012.

"Regions forecast that the gross grain harvest would be sufficient to fully satisfy domestic needs and food security of the state, as well as the export potential of the state", - Mykola Azarov said.


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