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IAOM Niagara/Ohio Valley/Wolverine District Offers Webinar For Joint Meeting

Date Posted: September 12, 2012

Can’t attend the Niagara/Ohio Valley/Wolverine District Meeting on September 27?

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Please watch the IAOM Niagara District web page for an updated schedule

Presenters at this meeting include:

• Greg Vandervorste – Innovations in Packaging Systems

• Randy Schmidt/Buhler - Advances in Mix Plants and Blending Systems

• Pat Pike/Satake – Introduction to optical sorting and applications within the grain milling industry

• Nathan Stocker/Royal Fumigation – How to reduce dependency of fumigation

• Randy Springer/Pepper Maintenance – Predictive, Preventative and Reliability Centered Maintenance

• Diwakar Mokadam/ Imas – Reducing Energy Costs at Flour Mills

• Paul Martin/Unity Scientific – New NIR Wheat & Flour Milling Applications

• Tom Zemanick/Kice Industries – Kice/Solex Grain Heating Bin

Panel 1 – Challenges of Flour Millers in Post CWB environment Panelists:

• Rob Bryson/ P&H Grain Vice President

• Tony Hill / ADM Manager Eastern Wheat Trading

• Earl Geddes / CIGI

• Kyle Jeworski / Viterra VP, Grain Merchandising &Transportation/Grain North America

Panel 2 - Mycotoxins Panel Discussion

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