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Patent Granted on ECOPhase Pneumatic Conveying Technology

Date Posted: January 29, 2013

Kansas City, MO (Jan. 29) -- On December 25, 2012, Kansas City KS based Magnum Systems, Inc. , the parent of Smoot Company, was issued US Patent #8,337,122. The patent was issued for “Continuous Semi-Dense Pneumatic Conveying and Method”.

Smoot Company intends to market this patented technology under the term “ECOPhase”. This form of conveying uses a specially designed entrainment device called a “Magveyor” to allow a system to operate continuously while achieving high solids loadings and allowing the conveyor to run more efficiently.

This can be of advantage to a manufacturing facility in either of 2 ways: 1) It will allow a new installation to reduce the horsepower needed to convey dry bulk solids for a given rate and distance; or 2) It will allow an existing installation to run more efficiently on existing horsepower, increasing the maximum throughput for a given line.

In a world where energy efficiency becomes more paramount each day, Smoot Company is proud to be on the cutting edge of energy conservation and corporate stewardship. It is our hope that this new and innovative technology application will help our partners to better achieve their goals in reducing energy consumption and costs going forward, in some cases, by over 50% when compared to traditional dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveying systems. _____________________________________________________________________

Smoot Company, a division of Magnum Systems, Inc. is a leader in design and manufacturing of pneumatic conveying systems and components. For over 50 years Smoot has provided customers with versatile, cost effective, pneumatic conveying equipment, and continues this trend today.

For more information about Smoot Company and ECOPHase, go to their website at or call 1-800-748-7000.