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IAOM Graduates 18 From Correspondence Courses

Date Posted: January 30, 2013

IAOM is proud to announce that 18 students enrolled in the IAOM Correspondence Course in Flour Milling have earned their diplomas.

A diploma is awarded to those students who have successfully completed all eight units, which consist of over 40 lesson tests.

“I am very proud of these individual’s accomplishments in completing all eight units,” stated IAOM President Aaron Black.

“They have shown great determination and commitment in completing these units and should be commended for their efforts.”

The IAOM would like to extend its sincere congratulations to the following:

Erin Atterholt

Conrado V. Bergantinos

Dennis Burger

Steven Carpenter

Chris Christian

Tom Douglas

Jeremy Ferguson

Patrick Flot

Alan Heinbaugh

Steve Herod

Robert Hicks

Dylan Lawrence

Melissa Martin

Kyle Petrovich

Bruce Snyder

Aaron Waite

Josh Weaver

Charles Weller

The IAOM Correspondence Course in Flour Milling is available for purchase via the IAOM website.

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