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Operation Free Responds to Amendment Attacking Navy Advanced Biofuels Efforts

Date Posted: March 15, 2013

Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa) filed an amendment March 14 that attacks the military’s clean energy programs.

The amendment would zero out the Navy's $60 million portion of an interagency program to build commercial-scale biofuel refineries.

In response, Operation Free spokesman, Pennsylvania native and Iraq war veteran. Dr. Manan Trivedi, said the following:

“Senator Toomey's amendment redirecting money away from the military's energy security initiatives are a terrible idea.

"Our military leaders have said that dependence on oil poses a national security threat.

"The DoD is moving aggressively to develop technologies that ensure our men and women in uniform have the access to energy they need to keep America safe.

"When some members of Congress tried to get in the way of this mission last year, a huge, bipartisan coalition of Senators successfully fought back.

"As an Iraq veteran, I saw firsthand the importance of energy security to our troops. And as a Pennsylvania native, I'm disappointed that Senator Toomey would erase the progress our military has made to develop clean energy technologies that are already being used by the warfighter today.

"Members of Congress have put our national security at risk by allowing politics to dictate military strategy through sequestration.

"Now, instead of addressing sequestration head-on, Senator Toomey would make things worse by cutting critical, long-term 21st century national security investments in an attempt to make up the difference.”

For more information, call 202-216-9723, ext. 320.

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