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April Is "Seed Month" in Illinois

Date Posted: March 18, 2013

Pat Quinn, Governor of Illinois, has declared April, 2013, as "Seed Month" in Illinois. The Governor's proclamation states in part:

WHEREAS, the abundance of Illinois' crops relies on fertile soils, diligent farmers, and high quality seeds; and.

WHEREAS, agriculture and the seed industry significantly contribute to our state's economy with value-added products marketed throughout the world; and,

WHEREAS the Bureau of Agricultural Products Inspection within the Illinois Department of Agriculture tests the purity and germination of seeds, validates the accuracy of product labels, and cooperates with the Illinois Crop Improvement Association which is the state's official seed certifying agency, and an independent non-profit organization; and,

WHEREAS, in cooperation with educational and regulatory agencies, the Illinois Seed (Trade) Association has sustained an informed membership, the latest research developments, the production of high-quality seed, and has developed an effective seed program advocating for their members' interests: and,

THEREFORE, I do hereby proclaim April, 2013, as SEED MONTH in Illinois in appreciation of the seed industry's contribution in supplying food and fiber to the world through the production of Illinois crops.

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