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IAOM Holds Resident Milling Courses at Ocrim International School of Milling Technology

Date Posted: April 4, 2013

IAOM recently held the first of a series of educational courses from March 4-15, at Ocrim's International School of Milling Technology in Cremona, Italy.

The two courses, Fundamentals of Milling I and Fundamentals of Milling II, were taught by Dr. Jeff Gwirtz, IAOM technical adviser.

The students came from milling facilities in Brazil, Indonesia, Libya, Mexico, Taiwan and Uganda.

Six students successfully completed the first course, and seven students completed the second course.

"The participants all seemed to have a very positive experience with the class," stated Carol Shankel, IAOM director of professional development.

"They were all very engaged and had many opportunities for hands-on learning. I think they all came away with much more milling expertise than they had anticipated."

These courses were the first of their kind offered through the IAOM-Ocrim partnership agreement that was signed in September 2012.

"We're really excited about being able to bring IAOM educational programming to millers on a regional basis," stated IAOM President Aaron Black.

"We look forward to continuing and growing our cooperation with Ocrim."

The same series of courses will be repeated from September 30-October 11, at Ocrim's International School of Milling Technology.

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