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IAOM Previews Conference Presenters: Product Protection

Date Posted: April 18, 2013

The 117th IAOM Conference and Expo is just weeks away!

In order to help you better plan your time at the conference, we've provided a brief overview of the presentations slated for the Product Protection track in Niagara Falls.

The Wednesday lineup includes George Opit of Oklahoma State University presenting on Strong Phosphine Resistance in Stored-Grain Insects in the US and Implications for Management.

Opit will show research revealing an urgent need to develop a phosphine resistance management strategy for the US.

Next up is Alain VanRyckegem of Insects Limited speaking on Monitoring Tools for Milling: Flour Beetle Focus.

VanRyckegem will discuss basic beetle behavior and population dynamics while also examining several trapping and pheromone tools available.

Thursday’s program brings Jerry Heaps of General Mills and Dr. Bh. Subramanyam of Kansas State University providing new information on Heat Treatments.

This program will be effective for those who must determine the minimum temperature and time required to kill various life stages of stored-product insects and understand the factors to be considered for optimizing effectiveness against insects.

The final presentation for the track will be on Grain Protectants and Management of Stored Product Insects.

During his presentation, Frank Arthur of USDA/ARS will discuss grain protectants and their effectiveness. He will show results from research studies that evaluate different protectants that can be used for insect pest management.

Click here for the full abstract information for the Product Protection and other tracks.

Next week this bulletin will focus on the Technical Operations presenters.

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