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Penford Products and Iowa State University Develop Combustible Dust Simulator For Student and Industry Training

Date Posted: May 30, 2013

Cedar Rapids, IA—Penford Products announced May 21 the completion of a combustible dust simulator developed in partnership with Iowa State University’s American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ISU ASABE).

To demonstrate its leadership and commitment to workplace safety, Penford partnered with ISU ASABE to train and educate both students and employees on potential dust hazards specific to the grain milling industry.

The dust simulator will be used as an instruction tool in Penford’s Safety Training Program.

Penford commemorated the partnership with ISU ASABE on April 25, 2013, by hosting the group of student engineers at its plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for an operational demonstration done by the student designers.

“Being able to work with ISU ASABE to develop tools to more effectively train Penford employees of the risks associated with combustible dusts is a great opportunity for both parties.

"This gives ASABE Club members an opportunity to work on a project that is relevant and provides value, while Penford benefits by receiving a more effective training tool,” said vice president of environmental health and safety at Penford, Chuck Duthler.

“It has been a great experience for the members of our design team; because this is one of the first times we have been able to apply the knowledge of the engineering design process towards an actual design activity,” said Tyler Bouslog, member of ISU ASABE.

The combustible dust simulator is one element of Penford’s comprehensive dust safety program that emphasizes training, preventative maintenance, good housekeeping and proper engineering design and controls in the mitigation of dust hazards.

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