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International Grains Program Offers Hands-On Baking Course For Visitors From Kazakhstan

Date Posted: July 1, 2013

Manhattan, KS—Baking knows no borders.

After traveling more than 6,000 miles from Kazakhstan to Manhattan, the 12 participants in the International Grains Program’s 2013 baking course spent a week learning all about baking, with topics ranging from hands-on baking lessons, to baking equipment and farming demonstrations.

The course took place June 10-14 and was co-sponsored by Kansas State University and Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs.

The first order of business was baking lessons.

On the first day, the participants spent time in the Shellenberger baking lab with Dave Krishock, K-State’s Bakers National Education Foundation instructor.

Here they learned methods for baking artisan style bread and then applied what they learned in the lab, baking their own bread.

The next day included a visit to the American Institute of Baking in Manhattan.

Here, the participants were able learn about principles of mixing, as well as have a look at modern equipment technology.

Participants also spent time learning about how baked products are scored and assessed. Concluding the day at AIB was a presentation covering the basics of catering and restaurant ownership by Kevin Roberts, faculty member of the K-State Department of Hospitality Management.

Wrapping the week’s events up was a field trip to a grain farm.

This unique opportunity was made possible by Galen and Nancy Hofmann of Leonardville, Kan.

The Hofmanns showed the visitors the equipment and methods used to farm the grain that is used to make four in the mill.

“My favorite part of the course was Dave Krishock’s baking lab,” says Simtikova Gulzat, branch director of entrepreneurship development from Almaty City, Kazakhstan.

“I’ll be able to take a lot of what I learned back with me,” she adds.

This is one example of the custom trainings offered by the Department of Grain Science and Industry and its International Grains Program.

In addition to the flour milling and grain processing trainings, IGP faculty also offer courses in the grain marketing and risk management, and feed manufacturing and grain management.

To learn more about IGP, visit the website at

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