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Leco Corp. Introduces TGA-601 Thermogravimetric Analyzer for Moisture/Ash Determination in Wheat Flours

Date Posted: February 28, 2002

St. Joseph, MI--The TGA-601 Thermogravimetric Analyzer from LECO Corporation measures percent total Moisture/Ash in Wheat Flours with drastically reduced analysis time and greater analytical precision-optimizing standard AOAC and AACC Moisture/Ash Determination methods.

Effectively determining Moisture/Ash content within 4.25 hours in Hard and Soft Wheat Flours at various Moisture/Ash levels, the TGA-601 features a built-in balance (sensitivity to 0.0001 gram) that is located inside of a ceramic heating cavity.

The balance individually weighs up to 19 ceramic crucibles (each capable of holding one to five grams of sample) positioned on a rotating carousel.

Sample weight measurements are recorded as numerical values and as a graphical representation using Window-based operational software.

Temperatures of the internal ceramic heating cavity are adjusted with enhanced thermal property controls.

Temperatures may be stepped up and ramped (from 25 to 1000 C) per desired application methods.

The TGA-601 is also capable of variable gas introduction (oxygen, nitrogen, or air) via a built-in lance assembly.

For more information, call 800-292-6141.

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