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IAOM Niagara, Ohio Valley, Southeastern, and Wolverine Districts Meet in Roanoke, VA on Sept. 25-27

Date Posted: October 2, 2013

by Karl Ohm, Milling Journal Editor

Nearly 130 members, including spouses and guests, from the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) Niagara, Ohio Valley, Southeast, and Wolverine Districts attended the 2013 Fall Meeting and Technical Conference, September 25-27, at The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center, Roanoke, VA.

The IAOM Southeast District served as the host for this event.

A golf tournament was held at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 25, at the Hanging Rock Golf Club, located nearby in Salem, VA.

The opening reception was held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the Shenandoah room at the hotel, which was sponsored by a variety of allied trades members.

Those included:

• Caravan Ingredients

• Creason Corrugating Co.

• Blower Engineering

• Buhler

• Food Protection Services

• Force Flow

• Foss North America

• Great Western Mfg. Co.

• IMAS North America

• Industrial Magnetics

• Kice Industries, Inc.

• Laidig Systems, Inc.

• Pace Company

• Premier Tech Chronos

• Research Products

• Rotary Airlock

• Routt and Associates

• Royal Pest Solutions

• Unity Scientific

On Thursday, September 26, the technical program was opened by Charles Richardson, chairman of the IAOM Southeastern District, and operations manager, Mennel Milling Co., Roanoke, VA.

Before the technical program began, Joel Hoffa, IAOM president, and milling engineer, of Mennel Milling Company, Newport, provided a brief update and overview of IAOM’s activities and programs.

Hoffa also mentioned that more than $50,000 was raised during the silent and centerpiece auction held during the 2013 IAOM Conference and Expo, April 29-May 3, in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada.

IAOM Executive Vice President Melinda Farris also provided welcoming remarks and further updates about the redesign and utility features of the association’s web site.

The program included several presentations, covering:

• 2013 Soft Wheat Outlook Report, Jan Levenhagen, director of food safety, security, and regulatory compliance, Mennel Milling Company, Fostoria, OH.

• A Miller in Retirement, Bob Reid, honorary chairman, Chattanooga, TN, and 2004 retiree as vice president of operations from the Mennel Milling Company, Fostoria, OH.

• Project Update: Protein Shift in Milling, Steve Coulombe, product manager, Sturtevant, Inc., Hanover, MA.

• Best Methods for Magnetic Separation in the Milling Industry, Collins McGeorge, regional sales manager, Industrial Magnetics, Inc., Westerville, OH.

• Chemical Monitoring and Control Systems, Mike Townsend, sales engineer, Force Flow, Concord, CA.

• Kansas State University Update, Mark Fowler, associate director, International Grains Program (IGP), Department of Grain Science and Industry, Kansas State University, Manhattan.

• Online Particle Size Measurement Analysis, Josef Reiser, sales account manager, Buhler, Inc., Plymouth, MN.

• Insect Growth Regulators (IGR), Lee Redd, territory manager, Industrial Fumigant Company, Lawrenceville, GA.

• Innovations in Packaging Systems, Greg Vander Vorste, field sales manager, Premier Tech Systems, Rivière-du-Loup, QC.

• Introduction of the New Supersense Purifier, Diwakar Mokadam, managing director North America, IMAS North America, Hamburg, NY. Mokadam also briefly reviewed IMAS’ new website.

• Fumigation Update, Nathan Stocker, commercial fumigation manager, Royal Pest Solutions, New Castle, DE.

• Overview of Vortex Valves, Paul Birdsong, sales manager, Pace Company, Richmond, VA.

Also attending the conference were Carol Shankel, director of professional development, IAOM, Overland Park, KS; Aaron Black, IAOM immediate past president, and director of operations at Wilkins-Rogers, Inc. in Mount Joy, PA; Damon Sidles, IAOM vice president, and plant manager at Miller Milling Company, Fresno, CA; and Roy Loepp, IAOM treasurer, and senior project engineer at Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group, Merriam, KS.

The meeting also included a table top trade show that involved 18 companies.

Those included: Buhler, Inc.; Blower Engineering; Food Protection Services; Force Flow; Foss North America; Great Western Manufacturing Co.; IMAS North America; Industrial Fumigant Company; Industrial Magnetics, Inc.; Kice Industries, Inc.; Laidig; Pace Company (for Vortex Valves); Rotary Airlock, LLC; Routt and Associates, Inc.; Royal Pest Solutions; SafeGrain, Inc.; Sturtevant; and Unity Scientific.

On Thursday evening, attendees along with spouses enjoyed a dinner banquet in Roanoke Ballroom B, which was preceded by a short presentation from Mennel Milling Company President Don Mennel.

The evening entertainment was provided by Steve Brogan, a comic ventriloquist, from Locust, NC.

On Friday morning, attendees also had the opportunity to tour the entire Mennel Milling Company’s facility in Roanoke, VA.

2014 IAOM Niagara, Ohio Valley, Southeastern, Wolverine Districts’ Joint Meeting

While the dates for the 2014 IAOM Niagara, Ohio Valley, Wolverine, and Southeastern Joint Districts’ Fall Meeting and Technical Conference have not yet been determined; the Wolverine District will be hosting this meeting in Grand Rapids, MI.

Attendees also were reminded by Hoffa and Farris that the 118th Annual IAOM Conference and Expo, is scheduled to be held May 19 - 23, 2014, at the Omaha Hilton Hotel and CenturyLink Center, Omaha, NE.

For more information, call IAOM at 913-338-3377.


Before the close of the meeting, the Niagara, Ohio Valley, Southeastern, and Wolverine districts held sessions for the election of officers in 2013-14.

The results are as follows:


• Philippe Pomerleau, ADM Milling Co. ─ Director

• Drew Stewart, ADM Milling Co. ─ Chairman

• Roger Dewinter, P & H Milling Group ─ Vice Chairman

• Mason Reid, Wilkins-Rogers, Inc. ─ 1st Committeeperson

• Spencer Hickey, Caravan Ingredients ─ Secretary

• Darryl Tateishi, Jaymark Div., B.D.I. (Canada), Inc. ─ Treasurer

• Don Eltom, Whitelaw Machinery, Ltd. ─Allied Trades Chairperson


• Dave Jansen, Siemer Milling Co. ─ Director

• Kevin Mohr, Mennel Milling Co. ─ Chairperson

• Steve Mitchell, Siemer Milling Co. ─ Vice-Chairperson

• Tom Reed, Research Products Co. ─ Secretary

• Vern Huepenbecker, Keynes Bros. ─ 1st Exe. Committeeperson

• Ed Gwirtz, Mennel Milling Co. ─ 2nd Exe. Committeeperson


• Bob Ruckman, Milner Milling Company ─ Director

• Stephen Banks, Milner Milling Company ─ Chairperson

• Dustin Mariman, Wilkins-Rogers, Inc. ─ Vice Chairperson

• Bill Lindquist, Caravan Ingredients Co. ─ Secretary/Treasurer

• Danesi Dokpesi, Milner Milling Company ─ 1st Exe. Committeeperson

• Open ─ 2nd Exe. Committeeperson

• Open ─ 3rd Exe. Committeeperson

• Art Creason, Creason Corrugating Co. ─ Allied Trades Chairperson


• Greg Ball, King Milling ─ Board of Directors

• Gary Chappell, Knappen Milling Co. ─ Chairman

• Chad Tyrakowski, Mennel Milling Co. ─ Vice-Chairman

• Wes Lentz, Chelsea Milling Co., ─ Treasurer

• Tom Carpenter, Caravan Ingredients Co. ─ Secretary

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