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Nextteq Provides Gastec Sulfuryl Flouride Detector Tube System

Date Posted: October 10, 2013

Tampa, FL—Nextteq is proud to provide Gastec’s innovative Sulfuryl Fluoride Detector Tube system, which allows you to rapidly measure airborne levels of the fumigant Sulfuryl Fluoride without the cost and complication of other commercially available gas analyzers.

The Gastec Detector Tube No. 231 is used with the Gastec No. 860 Pyrolyzer, which oxidizes the stable compound into a measurable gas, and uses a pretreatment tube which allows sample measurements even when there may be background concentrations of other fumigation compounds such as Chloropicrin or MITC.

The Gastec Sulfuryl Fluoride Detector Tube System measures airborne levels of Sulfuryl Fluoride between 1 to 20 ppm, which allows comparison of results to current OSHA and ACGIH occupational exposure limits.

A negative test indicates the airborne value of Sulfuryl Fluoride is below the 0.4 ppm detecting limit of the tube.

Use Gastec detector tubes and avoid extensive preparation and specialty training.

Unlike infrared analyzers or other devices, the Gastec detector tube system does not require field calibration or the use of calibration gas standards.

The Gastec Pyrolyzer unit contains the heat generated during use, which unlike other colorimetric Sulfuryl Fluoride systems, does not have to be shipped with a HAZMAT designation.

Other colorimetric Sulfuryl Fluoride systems use exposed glass tubes that can generate heat in excess of 750°F which will require special HAZMAT designation when shipping, that is more costly and is dangerous when not handled properly.

To operate, ensure the Gastec No. 860 Pyrolyzer is properly installed on a Gastec Sampling Pump, such as the economical GV-100X Fumigation Pump.

The Pyrolyzer power light indicates proper AA battery charge and filament operation.

Install the Gastec No. 231 Detector Tube and Pretreatment Tube in the Pyrolyzer and you are ready to test. Clean the Pyrolyzer with the supplied Cleaning Tube after testing is complete.

It’s that simple.

The Gastec Sulfuryl Fluoride Detector Tube system is ready to use any time you need it!

Gastec’s Sulfuryl Fluoride Detector Tube System provides a fast, accurate, and low-cost per test solution for pesticide and fumigation measurements.

Try it for yourself, and take advantage of this rapid and simple method to measure airborne levels of Sulfuryl Fluoride.

Gastec Detector Tubes, Gas Sampling Pumps, and Accessories can only be purchased through an authorized distributor.

For information on an authorized distributor in your area, please contact Nextteq directly at 877-312-2333, ext. 120.

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