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IAOM Calls For Annual Conference and Expo Product Showcase Presentations

Date Posted: December 18, 2013

The International Association of Operative Millers is planning for the 118th Annual IAOM Conference and Expo in Omaha, Nebraska, May 19-23, 2014, and we need your products and ideas to make it a success.

Our goal is to present attendees with the best new products and innovations in our field.

We invite submissions to appear in our Product Showcase portion of the conference and expo.

Those selected will be assigned 10 minutes on either May 21st or 22nd to make a presentation from their booth on the expo floor.

This format was a big hit at the 2013 conference and expo.

A microphone and small platform will be provided.

Acceptable products for the showcase must be either: 1) New and Innovative – products introduced after May 2013 that are both new and innovative. Products must not have been previously exhibited at IAOM, OR 2) Major Improvement, New Application – products that show significant improvement in accuracy, cost, size, safety, ease of use, effectiveness, etc., or an existing product that has a new application in the milling industry.

For more information and to submit your Product Showcase ideas, please visit our website and submit the online application.

Deadline for applications is January 13, 2014.

For more information, call 913-338-3377.

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