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Flour Fortification Initiative Changes Name to Food Fortification Initiative; Adds Rice to Focus

Date Posted: May 15, 2014

The Flour Fortification Initiative is pleased to announce May 15 – the International Day of Families - that we are officially changing its name to the Food Fortification Initiative.

When we began adding rice to our work, we knew our name would need to change because rice is generally not consumed as flour.

Since most of you know us simply as “FFI,” we wanted our new name to keep those initials.

Our emphasis on partnerships and supporting national efforts will not change.

Our work will simply now include advocacy for fortifying industrially milled rice as well as wheat and maize flour.

We will rely on our partners with rice fortification expertise for guidance on the technical process of fortifying rice.

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We have chosen to launch our new brand on the International Day of Families because nutrition is important for every member of the family, and fortified grains are an effective strategy to improve nutrition.

Rice fortification has improved nutrient intake in controlled environments.

Making it feasible on a large-scale will require all of us working together.

We count on your continued support as we explore opportunities for all family members to be smarter, stronger and healthier whether their main staple is wheat, maize, or rice.

For more information, call 404-727-5361.

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