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Columbia/Okura Robots Depalletize, Double Stack

Date Posted: March 29, 2005

Vancouver, WA -- Robotic palletizers from Columbia/Okura can be tooled to depalletize tab-locked reshipper cases, returning them to production for further processing.

Using a unique mechanical gripper, as opposed to vacuum technology, the robot de-stacks a pallet load of cases that are tab-locked open, placing them onto a conveyor. An indexing hoist mechanism accurately presents the case layers at a consistent pick height, allowing the robot to perform at its highest possible speeds in its optimum working zone.

A typical application for this technology is when cases of empty plastic or glass containers are supplied to an alternate location for filling with product.

Robotic depalletizers are energy-efficient and feature fewer moving parts for reduced overall machine maintenance, even when operating at high speeds.

Double Stacked Loads in One Easy Operation

The FL Series from Columbia/Okura has been designed with the capability of building double or triple-stacked loads while in the palletizing operation.

Through a unique design the palletizer is capable of placing a pallet on top of a completed load and building additional loads; assuring tight square loads centered on each pallet while maximizing both fork truck operator time and warehouse space.

Many companies require much of their product to be double-stacked to maximize truck and trailer usage and to save valuable warehouse space. A Columbia double-stacked load eliminates fork truck double handling and the need for costly stand-alone full load stacking equipment.

For more than 60 years, Columbia Machine has manufactured high-level, floor level, and robotic palletizers and accessories in the USA. All Columbia products are backed by 24-hour customer support and parts service.

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