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BlueYellow All-in-One Lawn System

Date Posted: June 30, 2005

ALLOUEZ, Wis. (June 29, 2005) The East River Pop Warner Football Program recently received lawn product and installation for the youth football field at P.H. Martin Webster Park Sports Complex, because of a donation from BlueYellow, LLC, manufacturer of BlueYellow All-in-One Lawn System.

“We installed more than 60,000 square feet in a matter of hours, so I was immediately impressed with how simple it was to put out,” said Brad Lange, director of Allouez Parks and Recreation. “The kids are going to love playing on a newly renovated, weed-free field and since the field is already starting to green up after only a week, there’s no doubt that the field will be in prime shape for the mid-August start of the season.”

Executives from BlueYellow, LLC, along with Allouez Parks and Recreation staff, installed the lawn system at the youth football field located on Jourdain Lane in Allouez. It is one of several sports fields within the P.H. Martin Webster Park Sports Complex and is host to almost 400 youth annually participating in the local sports programs.

“It was wonderful teaming up within the community to give all the youth participants in and around Green Bay a field they can be proud to play on,” said Jacqueline Wurtz, retail sales and marketing manager for BlueYellow, LLC. “The installation was quick and easy, and the grown-in field will be the most ideal way to kick off the upcoming season.”

BlueYellow lawn system is a new, all-in-one lawn establishment system that combines seed, fertilizer and mulch into one simple application. The ingenuity behind its construction is the biodegradable mat which holds fertilizer and seed in place throughout the germination process, providing uniform growth. The end result is sod-quality turf, with less labor and at a fraction of the cost.

BlueYellow products are manufactured in Wisconsin and are available at Stein Gardens & Gifts and other independent retail outlets. For more information on BlueYellow products visit or call 800-667-3268.

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