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Sudenga Industries Introduces New Center Hopper with Electrical Slip Ring for Series II Bin Sweep

Date Posted: June 22, 2006

Series II Push Tractor
Sudenga Series II Commercial Bin Sweep Push Tractor
George, IA (June 22, 2006) -- Sudenga Industries has added even more functionality and convenience to their proven Series II Commercial Sweep with the addition of a new Center Intake Hopper with built in Explosion Proof Slip Ring Electrical Connector.

This Slip Ring Electrical Connector promotes zero bin entry for operating personnel by allowing the Series II to be permanently wired for multiple pass operation without the need to physically monitor or unwind the cords that bring power and control to the Sweep Motor or Motorized Push Tractor.

Additional Highlights of the Series II Commercial Sweep include:

• The Sweep Control Sensor (patent application in process) monitors the amperage load placed on the motor by the sweep auger. The Control Sensor automatically stops forward movement of the Push Tractor when the amperage load exceeds its ideal operating window, then resumes forward movement once the grain is cleared, reducing wheel spin, while keeping the auger at an optimum fill level.

• Standard motorized Push Tractor features 16-inch, foam filled tires which are driven by direct couple “C face” motor & dual chain reduction drive. When coupled with the Control Sensor, the Push Tractor can be run automatically, or manually in forward or reverse.

• The Series II is engineered for use in commercial grain bins from 48 feet to 120 feet in diameter.

• The 12-inch model handles up to 6,500 bushels per hour, while the 16-inch model handles up to 10,000 bushels per hour.

• Totally enclosed “C-Face” Direct Drive Motor Couple Motor eliminates belts and pulleys.

• The Series II features a triangular “flow-thru” truss design (patent application in process) with galvanized back shield. Grain flows through the Sweep, filling the structure, making it self-supporting, and reducing pressure on components, when the bin is filled.

Information on the Series II Commercial Sweep, or other Sudenga products can be found on their website at

For additional information, pricing or photos pertaining to this release, contact: Greg Ver Steeg via e-mail at, by phone at 1-888-783-3642 or by fax at 1-712-475-3320. Write to Sudenga Industries at 2002 Kingbird Avenue, P.O. Box 8, George, IA 51237.

Sudenga Industries was founded in George, IA in 1888 as an iron and woodworks shop providing area farmers with shoes for their horses and replacement wagon parts. Growing exclusively into manufacturing over the years due to their ability to meet the demand from local farmers for labor saving equipment, Sudenga Industries has grown to-be recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality, innovative, grain, feed, fertilizer and seed handling products. Sudenga Industries continues to grow, with an ever-expanding product line and customer base. Owners and employees alike maintain a proud tradition of more than 115 years of customer service and commitment to quality.

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