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EDI Distributor Control

Date Posted: July 1, 1999

Schlagel Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of grain distributors, now offers EDI electronic controls on its distributors.

How It Works

The EDI control uses an absolute- positioning, dual-sensor pickup that uniquely identifies each possible spout position inside the distributor. No “counting from home” is required.

After the initial installation, the controls do an automatic, one-time, “self-teach” routine to learn the characteristics of the distributor to which they are connected. The spout then “knows” how to rotate via the shortest path to the desired outlet.

The operator may field-assign bin numbers and names to all positions and use speed dial buttons for up to six positions on the easy-to-read keypad/display terminal. Additionally, the keypad can be mounted remotely from the control panel, in a more convenient location for the operator.

Each spout is driven by a variable-torque, clutched drive system that protects the distributor and drive system from damage in case of jammed spouts. This unique drive system never requires adjustment.


An optional interface module allows the EDI controls to send and receive instructions to and from a PLC or other computer. It also allows the integration of bin level switches with spout positions to activate electrical interlocks and alarms.

Conversion kits are available for most Schlagel manually-operated distributors.

For more information, call 800-328-8002.

Taken from July/August 1999 GRAIN JOURNAL

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