GROWMARK Appoints Andy Jones and Brian Hora to Board of Directors

Bloomington, IL - Dec. 13, 2017 – Andy Jones and Brian Hora have joined the GROWMARK Board of Directors through two separate processes. 

Hora was elected by shareholders to represent GROWMARK’s geographical Zone D, while Jones was appointed by the GROWMARK Board to be an At Large Director representing the cooperative’s business in its Eastern Region.

“One of the ongoing projects of the GROWMARK Board is determining governance of the future,” said Board Chairman John Reifsteck

“We regularly assess whether our current board structure is the best for our growing System. 

"We decided to add an appointed director to further represent our valued members in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. 

"Andy Jones is the ideal fit for this position."

Jones currently serves as chairman of the board at Legacy Farmers Cooperative, an FS company based in Findlay, Ohio. 

Jones has served on the Legacy Farmers Cooperative Board since 2011. 

He operates a 2,100-acre cash grain enterprise in Bloomdale, Ohio.

I’m very excited to join the GROWMARK Board,” said Jones. 

“At Legacy Farmers Cooperative, we’ve experienced great benefits since joining the GROWMARK System as an FS member. 

"I’m eager to bring local knowledge to an already talented group."

Brian Hora was elected to the GROWMARK Board to represent Iowa and states north and west. 

He operates a 650-acre corn and soybean farm in Ainsworth, Iowa. 

Hora has served as a director of AGRILAND FS since 2000.

“The strength of the GROWMARK System lies in its relationships,” said Hora. 

“I’m eager to help continue to foster those relationships and partnerships between GROWMARK and its member companies, along with FS cooperatives and their farmer-owners.”

“Brian Hora brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that will help serve our cooperative System,” said Reifsteck. 

“His expertise will be crucial in our System’s pursuit of serving farmers who help feed and fuel the world."

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