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ADM Holds Global Safety Week to Help Reduce Injuries in Workplace

Date Posted: June 18, 2010

Safety of its employees and contractors is one of Archer Daniels Midland Company's (NYSE: ADM) top priorities.

During its current fiscal year, ADM has reduced global lost workday injuries by 32 percent and has reduced global total recordable injuries by more than 9 percent, compared with the full-year fiscal 2009.

ADM employees and contractors around the world observed the Company's Global Safety Week, June 14 to 18.

ADM holds Global Safety Week each year to sustain a downward trend in injuries and reinforce the belief that "Zero is Possible."

"At ADM we are committed to keeping our employees safe, and we know that staying safe requires constant vigilance," said Pete Taschner, ADM's vice president of Safety and Health.

"Global Safety Week continues to fuel our reduction in injury rates by reminding us of the many ways we can ensure that we're staying safe on the job so we can go home safe to our families each day."

ADM's Global Safety Week focused on four key areas: personal safety, contractor safety, process safety and motor vehicle safety.

During the week, employees participated in a variety of activities, including conducting plant safety tours and meetings and discussing new ways to stay safe on the job.

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