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AFIA Product Recall Webcast ... April 23 at 2 Eastern Time

Date Posted: April 3, 2012

What To Do If You Have A Product Recall?

This webcast will focus on what managers should know about recalling products from the marketplace.

Many of your questions will be answered including:

• Must I notify FDA?

• Do I need to recall if it is a reportable food?

• What do I tell my customers?

• Should I inform the media and what should I say?

The webcast will explore the legal (what does the Food Safety Modernization Act say?), regulatory (what must I report and to whom?), ethical (how to be a good corporate citizen) and media concerns (should I send out a recall notice to the media?).

Featured speakers:

Robert Hahn, Esq., legal counsel, Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz P.C.

Steve Kopperud, executive vice president, Policy Directions Inc.

Richard Sellers, vice president, feed regulation and nutrition, AFIA

Keith Epperson, vice president of manufacturing and training, AFIA

Who should attend?

The webcast was developed for feed, ingredient and pet food manufacturers.

Staff from your entire organization will benefit from this webcast.

Topics that impact your compliance and quality directors, mill managers, communications staff, legal department and customer service personnel will be covered.

Register online or via a PDF form.

For your convenience, to register online, you will need your user ID and password.

Should you have any questions regarding this webcast, please contact Richard Sellers, AFIA’s vice president of feed regulation and nutrition at or (703) 558-3569 or Veronica Rovelli, AFIA’s director of meetings and events at or (703) 558-3563.

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