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AGP Export Terminal at Port of Grays Harbor, WA Serves as First Port For Three New Ocean Vessels

Date Posted: January 2, 2013


This article is reprinted by permission from AGP News, Issue#4, 2012. Photos by Marc Sterling.

In the ocean shipping business, it’s a rarity when a Port serves as the launching point for the maiden voyage of a vessel.

In a three-month span from mid-August to mid-November, AGP’s export terminal at the Port of Grays Harbor was honored to serve as the first Port for THREE new ocean vessels:

* The MV Astra Centaurus, carrying the flag of the Marshall Islands, loaded August 16 with soybean meal bound for the Philippines.

* A Panama-flagged ship, the Xin Rui Hai, loaded November 13 with soybean meal going to Australia.

* On November 21, the Neutrino, got its start at the Port of Grays Harbor with soybean meal loaded for transport to the Philippines. The Neutrino also carries the flag of the Marshall Islands.

The Neutrino and the MV Astra Centaurus carried the two largest shipments of AGP soybean meal to date.

In each of the maiden voyages, a ceremony was held to commemorate the occasion.

The ship’s captain was presented with a framed photo of their vessel being loaded at AGP’s export terminal along with several mementos.

The hospitality and initial experience with the Port of Grays Harbor was well-received by the ships’ captains and crews.

The MV Astra Centaurus is already booked for a return trip to the Port to deliver another shipment of agricultural products to international customers.

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