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AGP Invests to Build Coop For The Future

Date Posted: January 2, 2013

Capital Investments Total Nearly $60 Million in FY ‘12

This article is reprinted by permission from the AGP News, Issue#4, 2012

AGP continued its strategy of investing for the future with capital expenditures of approximately $60 million in fiscal 2012.

Among the major projects:

• Expansion of AGP’s export terminal at the Port of Grays Harbor in Aberdeen, Washington, with the addition of 3 million bushels of permanent storage and new handling and rail capacity.

• Completion of phase two of a major plant improvement project at the soybean processing plant in Dawson, Minnesota including a new 1.2 million bushel storage bin.

• Rail expansion and a new 1.2 million bushel storage bin at the soybean processing plant in Sgt. Bluff, Iowa.

• Installation of a new dry roller mill at the grain facility in Lariat, Texas, which operates in conjunction with the existing flaker facility, to serve dairy customers.

Additionally, the Company invested in transportation assets with new tractor-trailers, upgraded hopper cars and larger capacity tank cars.

For fiscal 2013 and beyond, a number of projects are already underway or scheduled to begin including:

• Expansion of AGP’s AminoPlus® capacity with a new production line at Dawson, Minnesota scheduled for completion in fiscal 2014. A rail meal upgrade is also underway at Dawson with plans to be operational next year.

• A new degumming operation at AGP’s facility in St. Joseph, Missouri scheduled for completion in August of 2013. Next summer is also the target date for completion of a bag house project in the prep building at St. Joseph.

• A major plant upgrade at AGP’s soybean processing plant in Eagle Grove, Iowa scheduled for completion in the fall of 2013. This includes new extractors and new desolventizing toasters (DT’s).

• A decanter and reactor project at AGP’s methyl ester plant in Algona, Iowa with a completion date of next summer.

The objectives of these projects are to increase soybean storage capacity, and enhance efficiency and customer service as AGP continues to expand its reach into domestic and global markets.

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