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Ag Growth International Launches New Web Site

Date Posted: September 6, 2013

Winnipeg, MB, Canada—Ag Growth International (AGI) announced Sept. 6 the launch of a brand new web site located at

New to the website is the addition of the entire AGI brand catalogue.

All divisions under the AGI umbrella now have their complete product lines available in one centralized place where users can search via product or brand name.

Also to note, the AGI Investors site has been consolidated with the main AGI site.

Users can now view AGI financial reports and other news without ever leaving

“We wanted to launch a fresh take on our already existing website, but up the ante by offering an easy-to-use product catalog functionality," stated Daniel Donner, Senior V.P. of Sales & Marketing.

"All products are listed along with their brochures, spec sheets and manuals. This is exciting for us as a company, and an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about what we do at AGI.”

The new streamlined design encourages users to easily find links to any and all product, news or investor information.

The website is yet another channel for AGI to provide accurate and up to date information to end-users.

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