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Ag Growth International Partners With International Finance Corp. to Assist Ukrainian Farms

Date Posted: January 16, 2014

Kyiv, Ukraine—Ag Growth International (AGI) announced Jan. 15 it has partnered with International Finance Corporation (IFC) to assist small and medium farms in Ukraine to become more sustainable producers by educating them on post-harvest storage of grain, and establish financing solutions for these new technologies.

“In North America, most grain farms consider an acceptable level of loss due to spoilage to be less than 1 percent," said Gary Anderson, President and CEO of AGI.

"We see many farms in other parts of the world regularly lose 15% or greater due to lack of or improper storage.

"That’s a direct hit to the bottom line of the farm and can be the difference between being a viable business or not. We are excited about teaming up with IFC, leveraging our knowledge and experience in other markets to the benefit of Ukrainian producers.”

The first step will be to create a training program designed to educate farmers about the technologies available and the economics of grain storage systems allowing them to make an informed decision about what is right for their operation.

A key component of the training program will be demonstration farm systems showcasing proven grain storage solutions supplied by AGI.

“Farmers often learn best from other farmers, and the most effective way to convince them that a concept will work is with successful local referrals," says Anderson.

"We hope to have the demonstration farms up and running in 2014, using them as a gathering point for group learning.

"The demo sites will also allow us to train our network of dealers to be able to reach even more small and medium sized farms who need grain storage solutions.”

IFC will build upon its previous work in the region to create a financing solution for on farm storage purchases by small and medium farms via Ukrainian banks.

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