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Agricultural Scholarship Centre For Basis Trading Education Seeks Scholarship Candidates

Date Posted: April 30, 2014

The Agricultural Scholarship Centre for Basis Trading Education, Inc. is seeking potential candidates who need financial assistance to further their pursuit of a career in agriculture.

The Agricultural Scholarship Centre offers students attending a two or four year college or university, technical/trade school or continuing education program scholarships to help fund their post-high school education in agriculture business, agriculture economics or an agriculture related field of study, including supporting professions of finance and accounting, with special emphasis on acquiring skills in basis trading practices as they apply to agri-businesses.

The Agricultural Scholarship Centre is a non-profit corporation established by Don White, founder and Chairman of White Commercial Corporation, for the purpose of expanding the knowledge of agricultural futures markets and basis trading practices among current and future leaders of agri-business.

There is no specific school affiliation so funds can be used to provide financial support to students attending any school in the United States and Canada.

Please visit the website of the Ag Scholarship Centre for details of the scholarship requirement details and form for Application --

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