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Agspring Forms Big River Rice and Grain in LA After Tubbs Rice Dryers and Raley Brothers Acquisition

Date Posted: January 7, 2014

Kansas City, KS—Agspring announced Jan. 7 the formation of Big River Rice and Grain, a new grain storage and merchandising entity operating in Louisiana.

As part of the formation of the entity, Agspring also announced the acquisition of Tubbs Rice Dryers and Raley Brothers, two established agri-businesses located in Northeastern Louisiana.

“We are excited what our presence as part of the Agspring family will mean for our producer clients and partners in Louisiana,” said Larry Tubbs, CEO of Big River Rice and Grain.

“Our desire is to provide excellent operating infrastructure and a stable partner who is committed to handling transactions quickly.”

Big River will feature expanded operations including a new barge loader and expanded overall capacity.

“I think the fact that we closed these deals right before the harvest and yet experienced no interruption in service shows what our producers and partners can expect from Big River,” said Mark Raley who heads business development for the company.

Operations will continue to be managed locally, while Big River will benefit from corporate support, national supply chain planning and financial backing from Agspring headquartered in Kansas City.

“We have to think globally but, at the same time, bring concrete benefits to the farmer down the road,” said Brad Clark, President of Agspring.

“Trust in our operating companies, our growers and customers is built around a common purpose to help small to mid-sized agribusinesses to compete in an increasingly global marketplace.”

For more information, call 913-638-6030.

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