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Agspring Subsidiary Big River Rice and Grain to Acquire Bayou Grain and Chemical

Date Posted: February 21, 2014

Kansas City, KS—Agspring Feb. 21 announced the expansion of Big River Rice and Grain, a grain storage and merchandising subsidiary operating in Louisiana through the acquisition of Bayou Grain and Chemical.

Early this year, Agspring announced the formation of Big River Rice and Grain including the acquisition of Tubbs Rice Dryers and Raley Brothers, two established agri-businesses located in Northeastern Louisiana.

“We believe joining the Agspring family of companies is the right strategic move,” said Ron Miller, a former manager of Bayou Grain and Chemical and now Vice President of Operations for Big River Rice and Grain.

“Our farming clients respect a partner with a long-term plan to invest in the infrastructure needed to support the flow of grain from our region for the foreseeable future.”

Big River Rice and Grain will feature expanded operations including elevator storage in Parkdale, Arkansas.

Operations will continue to be managed locally, while Big River benefits from corporate support, national supply chain planning and financial backing from Agspring headquartered in Kansas City.

“We believe the acquisition of Bayou Grain and Chemical is a great fit for our expanding supply chain network,” said Brad Clark, President of Agspring.

“We trust our local operating companies to know their growers and geographies and help us to strongly compete in the broader grain marketplace.”

Company Background

Bayou Grain and Chemical Corp. was established in 1967 and grew through the support of local farmers and landowners.

Bayou brings storage capacity of 6.4 million bushels to Big River Rice & Grain.

The firm has historical handled soybeans, corn, oats, wheat and rice.

Big River headquarters are in Pioneer, Louisiana, centrally located among facilities in Delhi, Mer Rouge, Monticello, Lake Providence, Crowville, Louisiana and now Parkdale and Eudora, Arkansas.

For more information, call 913-815-0638.

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