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BinMaster Level Controls Introduces 3DLevelScanner HT to Measure and Map Bin Volumn in High Temperatures

Date Posted: January 29, 2013

BinMaster Level Controls Jan. 29 introduced the 3DLevelScanner HT for measuring the volume and mapping the material surface in bins, tanks and silos with high temperatures.

This new model of the 3DLevelScanner has an operating temperature range of up to 356°F (180°C) to accommodate high temperatures that may be present when material has been heated in the production process before it is conveyed into storage silos.

The device measures the material level in multiple locations in the vessel and estimates the volume in storage silos containing challenging materials such as clinker, alumina, frac sand and fly ash.

The 3DLevelScanner HT is ideal for use in the cement, aluminum, mining and power industries where there are multiple challenges such as excessive dust or high humidity as well as very large silos where the material surface in the bin is irregular and difficult to measure.

The new 3DLevelScanner HT maintains a high level of measurement accuracy in high temperatures, unlike some non-contact devices that are prone to becoming unreliable or inaccurate in harsh environments.

The HT is proven to perform in a wide variety of materials such as heavy lump material like clinker, fine granular material like alumina oxide, frac or silica sand, or powdered materials such as fly ash.

The sensor sends pulses in a 70° beam angle, taking multiple measurements from the material surface and continually mapping the material surface to detect changes in level, account for uneven surface topography, and calculate a highly accurate volume estimate for the contents of the silo.

The 3DLevelManager software reports the lowest and highest points detected and the average level based upon a weighted average of all of the measurements detected in the bin.

For the MV and the MVL models, a colorful graphical representation indicates where high and low spots exist in the silo. “With its dust-penetrating, multiple-point, non-contact technology, the BinMaster 3DLevelScanner HT system is the only solution on the market today that can measure, map, and visualize the material surface in bins with irregular topography and very wide bins,” said Mike Mossage, product manager for the BinMaster 3DLevelScanner.

“For every customer application, we take into account the size of the bin and the customer’s desired level of accuracy to determine the optimal number of scanners that need to be installed in the bin.

"Plus, we can tell them where to install each scanner on top of the bin to generate the desired inventory accuracy.

"Dependent on the number of scanners installed, volume accuracy can be 3% or even better in very large vessels – far surpassing the accuracy of any radar or other single-point measurement device.”

For more information, call 800-278-4241.

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