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BlueFire Ethanol CEO Calls for Congressional Action to Build Cellulosic Ethanol Plants

Date Posted: February 6, 2007

Irvine, CA -- Witnesses before the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Feb. 1 presented testimony that the vast majority of U.S adults say national and state governments should provide financial incentives to biofuels producers to encourage the production and availability of biofuels.

Testimony was also presented to state that there is great public support for doing more to make biofuels a realistic replacement for gasoline in the near future.

Arnold Klann, President of BlueFire Ethanol, stated that, "A great opportunity to advance the Cellulosic Ethanol Industry and wean us from our petroleum dependence is now available which can be accelerated if Congress acts to fund programs they have already authorized in the Energy Policy Act of 2005."

Last September 22nd, BlueFire joined a group of distinguished cellulosic ethanol companies in a Congressional Briefing before Congress to admonish the mistaken impression that the cellulosic ethanol industry was embryonic and still a long way off.

To the contrary, these industry representatives jointly reported that they were able to commence construction immediately on their production facilities with the assistance of the authorized Federal loan guarantees that would provide capital investors the security to make cellulosic ethanol production a reality.

"Title 15 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, if fully funded, will advance the commercialization of producing ethanol from cellulosic materials that we are now burying in our landfills," said Klann.

"The raw material is available, the technology is ready and federal and several state governments have said they want to build cellulosic ethanol plants."

He added, "It's time to make public and private partnership work. We are working hard to advance our business plans to fuel America with its waste materials. We challenge the U.S. Government to step up and do its part now in making cellulosic ethanol happen."

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