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Boulder-Based 'Buy the Bus" to Educate America About Ethanol During 8,000 Mile Tour

Date Posted: November 7, 2006

Boulder, CO -- Ethanol (E85) is readily available for use as an alternative fuel, yet many Americans still know next to nothing about it.

Fed up with the inaction of the federal government, two Boulder, CO residents decided to take matters into their own hands.

Jason and Tracey Keeley organized Buy the Bus to fund an eight-month tour of key locations in the United States, during which they will spread the word about E85.

“I am tired of waiting for the government to act and waiting for people to realize the significance of the nation’s addiction to foreign oil,” Jason said. “I decided it was time for me to do something.”

Jason and Tracey are both dedicated environmentalists living in Boulder, CO.

Although Jason is currently a medical device engineer, his first love is living and working outdoors.

He has also devoted a great deal of time to preserving and enjoying America’s natural beauty, as an employee at Yellowstone, Glacier, Mt. Rainier, and Rocky Mountain National Parks, and as an outdoor enthusiast on his own time.

A molecular biologist, Tracey started showing a strong interest in the environment during childhood.

Wildlife Camp, summers spent doing fieldwork at Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, and a jaunt as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bulgaria helped shape the environmentalist she is today.

Tracey and Jason’s combined passion for the great outdoors has culminated in Buy the Bus, an advertising campaign designed to help spread the word about E85.

Starting in April of 2007, Jason and Tracey will tour the United States for eight months, educating the American people about ethanol fuel.

The Volkswagon Bus they will use will also be converted so that it can run on E85, which Jason and Tracey will use religiously.

“We hope to keep the nature of our interactions less formal and more personal, hopefully therefore being more meaningful,” Jason said.

“We want to emphasize that we really are just two ordinary people doing this for the good of everyone.”

Buy the Bus allows businesses to buy advertisement space on the Volkswagen Bus in which they will make the trip.

The bus will see about 8,000 miles of highway, guaranteeing broad exposure for the advertisements it carries with it.

Additionally, the ads will remain on the Buy the Bus website, as well as the real bus, for three years.

Advertising space costs $1 per pixel, sold in blocks of 100, which translates to 3” by 3” blocks on the real bus.

Ethanol fuel is not a new concept, but only lately has it gained support as an alternative fuel to help solve America’s oil crisis and environmental problems.

Ethanol is a totally renewable fuel that is made from corn, and therefore can be produced right here in the United States.

Economical advantages of ethanol – or E85, as the 85% ethanol, 15% gasoline blend is known – include a considerable reduction in American dependence on foreign countries, a job market increase of about 200,000 jobs, and a considerably more stable price per gallon.

Also, since ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline, environmental pollution and other environmental concerns could be virtually eliminated.

“If everyone did something small it would have a large impact,” said Tracey.

“I’m not talking about doing anything drastic. But everyone could easily use a fuel that’s better for the environment.”

For more information, contact Jason and Tracey Keeley at 720-937-4998.

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