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Bulk Conveyors Inc. Founded to Manufacture Conveyors and Bucket Elevators

Date Posted: March 3, 2014

Six grain industry veterans with over 200 years of combined experience in bulk materials handling equipment have formed Bulk Conveyors Inc. (BCI) in Wichita, KS (316-201-3158).

According to Partner Van Buchanan, BCI's knowledgeable and experienced leaders have designed, manufactured, and commissioned over 85,000 pieces of equipment including:

• Chair conveyors.

• Bucket elevators.

• Air- supported belt conveyors.

• Hourglass enclosed belt conveyors.

• Horizontal/vertical chain conveyors.

"We have successfully serviced the grain handling and grain processing industries," he says, "and industrial bulk handling for the coal, cement, and wood industries."

Buchanan adds, "We have experience in engineering, process applications, and manufacturing service and supply to meet all your requirements."

The principals include:

• Larry Forrester, 46 years experience.

• Frank Choriego, 8 years.

• Buchanan, 41 years.

• Jim Bybee, 30 years.

• Steve Rutz, 34 years.

"BCI can supply new equipment, conversions of equipment, and spare parts for all your existing equipment," says Buchanan, "as well as consultation on any problems or concerns you may have regarding your conveying and elevator applications."

The company's motto is "Where Customer Service is Always First."

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