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CGB Celebrates Five Years as Corn Origination Arm of Patriot Renewable Fuels

Date Posted: August 16, 2013

CGB, an innovative and progressive leader in the grain, grain by-products, and transportation industries since 1970, proudly enters its sixth year originating and scheduling corn deliveries in a “just in time” manner for Patriot Renewable Fuels.

The collaboration and integrated services of both companies provide experience, choices, and top notch service in various markets.

Since Patriot’s inception, CGB has provided on-time deliveries even through some of the tightest U.S. corn stocks to usage ratios in history.

Through tight local corn supplies, high corn prices, tight ethanol margins, and both aflatoxin and vomitoxin issues, CGB has been successful in serving as a reliable supplier by utilizing its strong customer ties cultivated over the past 40 years.

CGB’s strategic placement of facilities across the corn-belt have allowed the origination of grain throughout a 60-mile radius of Patriot’s plant and allows utilization of other resources when the need arises.

“We’ve utilized Iowa rail corn and brought corn up the IL River from southern CGB origins.

"We’ve also brought corn from our southwest, northern, and northeastern locations,” said Dan Aubry, CGB Grain Procurement Manager.

“Our footprint in Northern, IL and access to the IL River gives us an enormous draw territory and we’ve certainly utilized and will continue to utilize that for Patriot’s needs,” he added.

Vast experience in the Premium GrainsSM market has allowed CGB to serve as corn quality management experts, helping Patriot manage through years where high toxins in the corn crop threatened quality of the plant’s DDGs co-product.

By allocating daily deliveries from various CGB territories throughout the Patriot draw, CGB was able to ensure vomitoxin and aflatoxin levels on overall inbound corn remained at satisfactory levels.

This allowed Patriot Renewable Fuels to manage the inbound deliveries so they could access their needed volume from the area while maintaining the necessary quality of DDGs for the high value container market.

In addition to a large footprint throughout the corn-belt, wide-spread draw area, and quality management expertise, CGB offers Patriot customers state of the art contracting options, mobile and web-based account tracking, and a settlement system that customers are accustomed to with deliveries to any of CGB’s 22 Northern IL facilities.

CGB also provides daily settlement and payment, ACH payments, 24-hour online offer placement and account tracking, and an array of contracting options all designed to fit the specific marketing needs and goals of each unique customer.

“Our partnership with Patriot Renewable Fuels has been an outstanding and successful relationship and we look forward to working together as we move forward,” said Dan.

“Patriot, by providing area producers with an additional market for corn, has given a boost to the local economy. Producers also carry with them a sense of pride that they are contributing to U.S. energy independence. It’s great to be a part of all this,” he added.

CGB Enterprises, Inc., headquartered in Mandeville, LA, operates over 70 grain facilities across the Midwest.

In addition to grain facilities, the company has sizable operations in logistics and transportation, fertilizer, crop insurance, agri-finance, soybean processing, producer risk management, and other related businesses.

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