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CHS Contributes $75,000 to Help Keep Propane-Heated Homes Warm

Date Posted: January 30, 2014

St. Paul, MN—CHS Inc., the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative and a global energy, grains and foods company, announced Jan. 30 it will contribute $25,000 to the Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund and $25,000 to HeatShare, administered by the Minnesota Salvation Army.

Both programs are assisting individuals and families impacted by extremely cold temperatures and propane shortages.

The CHS Foundation, the independent giving entity of CHS Inc., also is designating $25,000 of its annual $100,000 American Red Cross Disaster Giving contribution to support the organization’s work to provide shelters and other emergency assistance to individuals and families affected by the propane supply challenges in Minnesota and other states in which CHS supplies propane.

“Keeping our customers and others warm during this extreme cold is our priority,” said William Nelson, president, CHS Foundation.

“Through these contributions, we hope to alleviate potential life-threatening energy-related emergencies during this prolonged cold snap, which has been compounded by severe propane supply challenges in some parts of the U.S.”

CHS is working with its customer marketers throughout the U.S. to manage propane deliveries to stretch supplies for home and other heating use and to delay non-critical propane demand needs until product becomes more plentiful.

The Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund is a non-profit, public/private partnership that keeps the heat and power on for thousands of families in crisis.

HeatShare provides energy assistance on a year-round basis to families in crisis.

The American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving provides shelter and other emergency assistance to individuals and families forced to leave their homes.

In addition to the contributions, CHS is working directly with its affected propane marketer customers to identify short- and long-term solutions to propane supply issues, including evaluating supply and storage needs.

For more information, call 651-355-4946.

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