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CMC Industrial Electronics EZTest HazMon System Tester

Date Posted: December 21, 2012

• EZTest plug and play functionality makes it easy to diagnose CMC HazMon sensors and systems

• Rugged, handheld tester has easy-to-read backlit LCD and simple 5 button operator interface

• Tester provides a standalone good/bad test for individual sensors

• Fully verifies a sensor’s electrical interface

• Sensor value is presented in real-time, using scaled units for easy verification

• Tester can be field-connected directly to an active CMC Intrinsically Safe network

• Tester will display a good/bad indication of the network’s operation

• Further details of the network’s electrical operating condition are also provided

• A built in sensor emulator streamlines system commissioning

• Any sensor can be cloned and the tester's keyboard used to set the sensor value

CMC Industrial Electronics was established in 1997, and manufactures high quality, economical HazMon products through innovation, ability and effectiveness.

CMC has supplied products for many leading industrial clients; the primary industry being grain handling.

Products include: shaft speed slow-down detection, bearing temperature, belt alignment, vibration monitoring, grain cable thermocouple interface modules, infrared sensors, relative humidity, as well as easy-to-use touch screen interface controllers. It is the mission of CMC Industrial Electronics to protect human lives and property.

For more information on the EZTest HazMon system tester and other CMC products call 888-421-4425, email or visit our website at

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