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CW Brabender Instruments Introduces GlutoPeak Rapid Shear Based Rheological Instrument

Date Posted: July 31, 2013

South Hackensack, NJ—C.W. Brabender® Instruments, Inc. introduces the NEW Brabender® GlutoPeak to the North American market.

The GlutoPeak is a rapid shear based rheological instrument that determines the wheat flour functionality in a short time using a small sample size.

This revolutionary instrument is remarkably sensitive and can even differentiate flours with similar protein quantity based on their protein quality.

The GlutoPeak is a versatile instrument with a range of applications encompassing breeders, millers and product manufacturers.

It can assess flour quality in the early stages of breeding which is very crucial for breeders with limited amount of sample.

The GlutoPeak can help millers to make decisions at receiving stations based on protein quality rather than on protein quantity.

For the product manufacturers, the GlutoPeak can be adapted to new product development applications, determining the quality of flour blends and the impact of the addition of different ingredients to the flour.

The GlutoPeak also outperforms other chemical predictive techniques like solvent retention capacity, ruling out any person to person variability, thus limiting sources of errors in results and establishing its rightful place in food laboratories.

Gluten quality is an essential criterion for the evaluation of baking properties.

This has to happen quickly, easily as possible, and above all be reliably reproducible for quality management.

The innovative and patented GlutoPeak process by Brabender® offers a clever technical solution as an alternative to the rather error-prone rinsing method “by hand”, which is followed by a time-consuming gluten evaluation in the laboratory.

In order to describe the functionality of flours, bruised grains, baking mixes or vital gluten, the aggregation behavior of the gluten component is measured in a sample.

The device first separates the gluten, and then aggregates it into a characteristic network before destroying it with the rotation of its mechanical measuring paddle.

Time curves and torque curves of the physics of the gluten are recorded and displayed by the GlutoPeak graphically.

The time to reach the maximum point on the curve, the peak, its height, and the following decline of the curve provide essential information on gluten quality—all of which appear within moments and are easily readable at a glance.

Strong gluten results in very fast and high peaks, while weaker quality grades are identified by their delayed and flatter peaks on the curve – down to “null peaks”, which are for example, typical for biscuit wheat varieties.

The GlutoPeak measurement takes between 60 and 600 seconds, living up to its designation as a “quick technique”. Hence, with typical flours or baking mixes up to ten tests per hour can be conducted on average with mini samples of 3-10 grams and extremely easy handling.

The introduction to the North American Market is bolstered by scientific poster presentations being given at IFT 2013, GlutoPeak - Predictor of Wheat Flour Functionality, and two posters at AACCI 2013 Annual meeting, Kinetics of Gluten Aggregation - an Indicator of Refrigerated Dough Quality and Modified GlutoPeak Method for Additives.

The GlutoPeak is already an award-winning instrument, having taken the Innovation Award during the Europain 2012 in Paris.

For more information, call 201-343-8425, ext. 30.

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