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C.W. Brabender Partners With University of Nebraska For Live Food Extrusion Demo at 2014 IFT Food Expo

Date Posted: March 26, 2014

South Hackensack, NJ—C.W. Brabender® Instruments, Inc. has partnered with the University of Nebraska in Lincoln (UNL) for a Snack Food Formulation project that culminates in a live food extrusion demonstration to be presented in the CWB booth # 2718 at the 2014 IFT Food Expo.

Kristen McCarty, in her role as Food Laboratory Manager, has been working with the Dr. Devin Rose from the University of Nebraska on this project for his students to compete in teams to create a tasty, easy to make, snack, produced on Brabender®’s single screw extruder that can be created during a live food extrusion demonstration at the 2014 IFT in New Orleans (June 21-24).

The students immediately began submitting ideas that met the simple criteria of being a formulation for a snack product of any food grade material that can be made on our single screw extruder (attached to our torque rheometer drive unit) and be demonstrated live in our booth # 2718 on the show floor with samples of the end-product being handed out directly to observers at the show.

C.W. Brabender® contributed a food grade, single screw, grooved barrel extruder and a cutting device plus any other equipment that might be needed for product formulation.

C.W. Brabender® will host the students for this year’s IFT and provide them an in-booth forum to explain their product, formulation, and steps in development as a means of giving UNL some well-deserved in-booth recognition at the IFT 2014 Food Expo.

Be sure to stop by the C.W. Brabender® Instruments, Inc. booth # 2718 at the 2014 IFT Food Expo to support the students’ efforts, taste the winning recipe and watch the product being created right on the show floor.

For more information, call 201-343-8425, ext. 30.

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