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Canadian Grain Commission Issues Requirements For Storing Grain on The Ground at Licensed Elevators

Date Posted: October 25, 2013

Winnipeg—Large crop volumes during the 2013 grain harvest could present storage challenges for licensed primary elevators.

The Canadian Grain Commission reminds licensed elevators that that paragraph 16(a) of the Canada Grain Regulations requires that the operator of a licensed elevator store all grain received in an elevator building.

Before storing grain on the ground, a licensed elevator must request an exemption in writing, advising the Canadian Grain Commission of the kind of grain to be stored on the ground and the date the grain to be stored on the ground is received.

A full explanation of a licensed elevator's responsibilities once an exemption has been granted is available at

As well, elevator operators should be aware that producers may also be storing grain on the ground on the farm.

Under the Canada Grain Act a licensed grain handling facility cannot receive grain that is contaminated.

As well, a licensed elevator can refuse to receive grain that is out of condition, or is likely to go out of condition.

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