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FOSS Sponsors NIR 2013 Conference to Push Boundaries of Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Date Posted: May 23, 2013

FOSS is a platinum sponsor for the NIR 2013 - 16th International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy 2 - 7 June 2013 - 34280 La Grande-Motte, France.

Experts in all aspects of near infrared spectroscopy will gather to explore how the already widely-used technology can be further exploited for a range of applications in food, agri and other industries.

FOSS will have a stand in the Salle Exposition and will participate with a calibration training event, posters and presentations and a social event with NIR and chemometrics expert, Harald Martens.

Pre-conference calibration course

Sunday June 2nd: ‘WinISI advanced training – a case-based and hands-on workshop on calibration and discrimination’.

This is a unique opportunity to receive training from chemometrics experts Dr. L. Nørgaard & M. Westerhaus, FOSS.

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Presentations on variable selection and Gaussian Process Regression

A new improved variable selection method for classification of collinear data: Recursive Extended Canonical Variates Analysis (rECVA), Søren B. Engelsen, Martin Andersson, Lars Nørgaard, Copenhagen Univ., Denmark / FOSS.

Gaussian Process Regression in NIR spectroscopy – a comparative chemometric study with PLS and ANN, Wangdong Ni, Rasmus Bro, Lars Nørgaard, University of Copenhagen, Denmark / FOSS.

FOSS will also present a poster: ‘A Procedure to Determine when NIR is Better than its Reference Method,’ Martin Andersson, Lars Nørgaard.

Social Event

FOSS will host a social event on Monday, June 3rd, which will include guest speaker, NIR and chemometrics expert, Harald Martens.

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Richard Mills, International press contact,, +45 4820 8583.

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