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GEAPS Inland Empire Chapter Receives Member Recruitment and Retention Top Honors at Exchange 2013

Date Posted: February 27, 2013

The GEAPS Inland Empire Chapter was awarded the Chapter of Distinction Cup on February 26 at the GEAPS Exchange 2013 General Session for its efforts in retaining and recruiting new members during 2012.

The Inland Empire Chapter retained 95 percent of its membership and increased membership by 11 percent last year.

The Chapter of Distinction Cup is awarded to the chapter that, in addition to increasing membership, also has the highest level of retention.

Twelve GEAPS chapters were also honored for posting membership gains during 2012.

In ascending order, those honorees are:

• Hoosier Chapter, 1 percent

• Intermountain Chapter, 4 percent

• Canadian Prairies Chapter, 4 percent

• Cornbelt Chapter, 5 percent

• Great River Chapter, 8 percent

• Columbia River Chapter, 9 percent

• Greater Nebraska Chapter, 10 percent

• Inland Empire Chapter, 11 percent

• Minneapolis Chapter, 11 percent

• Seaway Chapter, 11 percent

• Kansas City Chapter, 12 percent

• Golden Triangle Chapter, 22 percent

In other chapter award news, nine GEAPS members were named Chapter Members of Distinction during the general session.

The Chapter Member of Distinction award recognizes achievement on an individual level, and provides chapter officers the opportunity to recognize members in their chapters who have provided extraordinary leadership service.

During the General Session at GEAPS Exchange, the following members were awarded this honor:

• Van Buchanan, Great Plains Chapter

• Jimmy Carlson, Mid Atlantic Chapter

• Dave Healey, Greater Nebraska Chapter

• David Hoffman, Tri-State Chapter

• Toivo Makila, Vancouver Chapter

• Steve Myers, Kansas City Chapter

• Carl Sellmyer, Cornbelt Chapter

• James Simpson, Hoosier Chapter

• Darren Zink, Hoosier Chapter

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