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GEAPS/K-State Offer Updated and Improved Grain Quality Course; Grain Entrapment Course Also Coming Up

Date Posted: December 12, 2012

GEAPS and Kansas State University are re-offering two distance education courses next month, but one of them has been dusted off, reviewed and revised.

GEAPS 520: Grain Quality Management features new material and significant revisions.

“GEAPS 520 was developed in 2006, and, although it still contains a lot of fundamentally sound and useful information, it needed an overhaul,” said Dirk Maier, professor and head of K-State’s Department of Grain Science and Industry.

“The new version brings the course up to date with the most current science, knowledge and industry practices.”

Maier is one of four university faculty members contributing lectures to the updated course, which focuses on proper methods of managing and maintaining the quality of grains and oilseeds.

The other faculty members are Professors Richard Stroshine, Charles Woloshuk and Linda Mason, all with Purdue University.

Also being offered next month is GEAPS 545: Grain Entrapment: Causes, Prevention and Rescue.

The course, developed earlier this year, focuses on identifying problem areas and the causes of entrapment accidents, with emphasis on how out-of-condition grain often plays a role.

Both five-week courses begin Jan. 7, and registration is now open.

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