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GEAPS Seeks Pictures of Members in Action

Date Posted: August 16, 2013

GEAPS members value getting to know and learning from each other.

To foster these connections and promote membership, GEAPS wants to include more pictures of our members in our print and online communications.

Do you have a great photo of you or another GEAPS member(s) that you would like to share?

This is your opportunity to help us show the real people behind GEAPS – professionals who care about industry knowledge, networking and opportunities for personal and professional development.

Some ideas for photos might be of members:

• Working in a facility, using equipment or just working in their office

• Outside of a facility, with buildings/bins/equipment/people in the background

• Interacting/working with other people

• At a GEAPS event, like a chapter meeting or the Exchange

• Meeting with clients or in a manufacturing facility (for Associate members)

• Hard at work or having fun!

Photo submissions are due Friday, Aug. 23.

If GEAPS would like to use your photo, we'll be in touch to get your permission and make sure to credit you and your company any time we use your photo.

Photos must be digital and in high resolution.

Send photos to Jason at or mail them to the GEAPS office at 4248 Park Glen Rd., Minneapolis, MN 55416.

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