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Grain Barge Movement Recovered; High Water and Flooding Continue

Date Posted: May 18, 2017

This article is reprinted from the USDA's May 18 Grain Transportation Report.

Grain barge movements have recovered from the previous week, as high water gradually receded in the Upper Mississippi River.

For the week ending May 13, downbound grain barge tonnages was 0.8 million tons at Mississippi River Locks 27, the southern-most lock on the Mississippi river, a 61 percent increase from the previous week (GTR Figure 10).

Total corn and soybean shipments were 0.71 million tons and 0.25 million tons, up 213 percent and 240 percent from the previous week, respectively (GTR Table 10).

However, the barge industry has reported potential pick-up and transit delays in parts of the Lower Mississippi, Ohio, Illinois, and Arkansas Rivers.

On May 17, most navigation on the Arkansas River was limited or stopped, due to high water and flood conditions.

The National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office forecasts that the Lower Mississippi River will crest near Baton Rouge, Donaldsonville, and New Orleans later next week.

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