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Grain Millers Flax Division Announces Strategic Partnership, New Product Line, and New Production Facilities

Date Posted: March 6, 2013

Eden Prairie, MN—Grain Millers, Inc. (Grain Millers) announced March 6 the addition of two new strategic partners to its industry-leading flax team; Linda and Glenn Pizzey, previously of Pizzey’s Milling.

The Pizzeys will be involved with all aspects of Grain Millers’ existing flax business, including processing, product development and technical services.

“The Pizzeys are legends in the flax business,” said Steve Eilertson, President of Grain Millers.

“Their passion for flax and their understanding of its nutritional and functional benefits are unmatched.

"The flax industry hasn’t made any significant progress since the Pizzeys left; we’re thrilled to be working with them to reinvigorate the category and put focus toward helping people understand just how powerful a food flax can be.”

The Pizzeys have joined Grain Millers just as the company is launching its new SafeFlax™ line of flaxseed products.

More than a year in development, all SafeFlax™ products undergo a proprietary heat-stabilization and pasteurization treatment developed by Grain Millers.

The SafeFlax™ process was created specifically to mitigate the risk of contamination while minimizing stress on the flax product, a seed notoriously difficult to process.

“Grain Millers’ advanced understanding of flax processing was one of the things that interested us most in this partnership,” said Linda Pizzey.

“The SafeFlax™ process allows us to optimize the processing parameters for different products.

"Without this feature, you might eliminate pathogens, but you won’t adequately maintain the stability of the natural lipids and other nutritional and functional components in flax.”

The SafeFlax™ line includes SafeBake™ and SafeBev™, solutions that have been designed for the baking, cereal, and beverage markets.

SafeFlax™ products will also be used in a variety of mixes that Grain Millers currently sells.

Grain Millers will manufacture SafeFlax™ in its Marion, Indiana facility and at a new site in Angusville, Manitoba.

These locations will join the existing Grain Millers flax facility in Newton, WI to create one of the largest footprints of any food flax processor in the world.

“Having three facilities capable of making whole and milled flaxseed products will be a critical benefit to our customers,” said Steve Eilertson.

“It not only ensures our customers will benefit from the most efficient distribution, but also guarantees they will never face the production disruptions that have become commonplace in the flax industry.”

The sites are expected to be fully operational by May, 2013. Visit for more details.

For more information, call 952-983-1274.

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